P&O Cruises
launches its first-ever cookbook.

Passengers can now cook the delicious dishes served on P&O Cruises ships at home with recipes from the cruise line’s first cookbook, holidays.

From breakfast to dessert to cocktails, 60 of P&O Cruises’ signature dishes, beverages and passenger favourites are included in holidays, which is now on sale on all four P&O Cruises ships for $40.

Some of the delicious recipes include macadamia nut pancakes, pork belly with scallops and red pepper pesto, amaretti baked peaches, cookies and cream cheesecake, and lychee mojitos.

P&O Cruises’ corporate executive chef Uwe Stiefel is thrilled to offer passengers the chance to cook simple and fresh Australian and New Zealand cuisine at home.

“The recipes are delicious but they are also easy to prepare – after all, if you’re on holidays, you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen!” the chef said.

Will you be purchasing a copy next time you’re on board?