Historian Hall Boards Titanic II

Renowned Titanic historian Steve Hall has been  announced as the design consultant and historian for Blue Star Line’s Titanic IIproject.

Mr Hall is the co-author of internationally acclaimed  “Titanic The Ship Magnificent” and “Titanic in Photographs”  and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Titanic’s  exterior and general working arrangements.

Having researched the Titanic for three decades, Mr  Hall has been brought on to ensure that Titanic  II will look like a modern replica of the original vessel when she launches  in 2016.

“This magnificent vessel is being constructed in  memory of the heroic people who worked and sailed on the original ship,”  Blue Star Line chairman Professor Clive Palmer said.

“We also want to recognise the artists and  artisans whose skill, creativity and dexterity has never been fully recognised  because of the ship’s limited service.

“This is why we have brought Mr Hall on board,  his extensive knowledge of Titanic’s construction and finer detail is highly respected the world over.”

Whilst the look and feel of the vessel will be in-line  with her predecessor, Titanic II will  be decked out with state-of-the-art navigational and safety systems and  amenities including; a fitness centre, swimming pools, fine dining restaurants  and a library.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan