Hapag-Lloyd introduces rare Russian voyages

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Hanseatic will make two premiere voyages in Russian territory in 2014.

The line’s 184-passenger ship will sail to the scarcely visited regions of Primorye in South-East Siberia and Wrangel Island in Chukchi Sea.

Former bans on foreign visitors have kept tourists from visiting the two areas.

According to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, Primorye was inaccessible to foreigners until 1991. And Chukchi Peninsula was a prohibited zone for a number of decades.

As a result, Hapag-Lloyd says cruisers will experience regions “untouched by tourism” and gain insights into traditional culture.

“Guests of the Hanseatic can experience the wildlife and landscapes during this adventurous journey, between Vladivostok and the Ternei Bay or heading upstream on a Zodiac tour up the Samarga River,” a company statement read.

Additionally, Hanseatic is one of the few ships to visit the east coast and the north coast of the Chukchi Peninsula.

The first voyage, Expedition Siberia, departs 10 May to 27 May 2014.

It takes guests on a 17-day tour from Shanghai, China to Otaru, Japan. Calls include; Pusa, South Korea; Siberia’s Zarubino, Rimsky Islands, Vladivostok, Petrov Island, Prosiolochnaya, Neprimentnaya, Olga; as well as Rishiri in Japan.

The second cruise is the Expedition Wrangel Island and Chukchi Peninsula. It departs on a roundtrip from Nome, Alaska on 28 July to 15 August.

The 18-day voyage takes guests to Chukchi’s Provideniya, Lorino, Kolyuchinskaya Bay, Kolyuchin Island, Cape Vankarem; Wrangel Island; and Chukchi Peninsula’s Cape Deschnyow and Yittigran Island.