Holland America Line commits to serving sustainable seafood on board its ships.

HAL saves seafood

Holland America Line commits to serving sustainable seafood on board its ships.

Beginning with this year’s European and Alaskan cruises and gradually rolling out across the entire fleet, Holland America has made the move to serving only sustainably sourced seafood aboard its vessels.

“We are proud to roll out this program and know our guests will appreciate the fact that their seafood menu selections are responsibly sourced and help promote the continued availability of fish species that are essential to a biologically diverse marine environment,” said Richard Meadows, Holland America’s executive vice president, marketing, sales and guest programs.

It’s a responsible move for the cruise line and will help Holland America continue to offer a premium service while ensuring passengers know they are cruising with an environmentally-friendly fleet.

So what does this mean for passengers? Essentially you won’t notice a difference in quality but can rest easy knowing that what ends up as a gourmet dish on your plate isn’t damaging the world’s ecosystems with its absence.

Holland America is working closely with the Marine Conservation Institute to determine what types of seafood are preferable to use because of their abundance, whether suppliers’ fishing methods are sustainable, and whether fishing of a particular species damages the surrounding ecosystem.

Holland America Line joins Crystal Cruises in only serving sustainably sourced seafood aboard its ships and Cruise Passenger encourages other lines to follow suit!