Sydney Ports has announced it will double the area of public access at White Bay Cruise Terminal during non-ship days.

The area has a walkway and cycle way, which is often used by locals.

However, they had limited access to the wharf front. Now, they have access to the entire White Bay Four and Five wharfs and around the terminal at the northern end.

Sydney Ports chief executive Grant Gilfillan said the company has been working with Leichardt Mayor Darcy Byrne to leverage the terminal as much as possible for the local people.

“We have and always will listen to suggestions from Council and the community and where possible, act on them for the benefit of all,” he explained.

“It has never been easy to co-exist a port with the community but we agree with Mayor Byrne that maximizing public access of non-ship days is an area we can continue to explore.”

Mr Gilfillan cautioned locals that some of the wharf, even during non-sea days, can be busy and stressed the importance of following newly installed public access signs.