From little things…

A new 153-person life raft from Viking Life-Saving Equipment fits inside a box.

If you have ever feared the recurrence of a Titanic-scale tragedy on a modern-day cruise, a new invention should put your mind at ease.

Indicative of the quality of contemporary nautical safety, a new 153-person, open reversible life raft and mini-slide system from Viking Life-Saving Equipment is so nifty it packs into a single aluminium box.

While designed for vessels making domestic voyages, such as ferries sailing in protected waters, in terms of cruise ship safety the VAS (Viking Automatic Slide) is a sign of things to come.

And the beautiful thing is that its system requires nothing more than one person pushing one button.

“In difficult circumstances, and particularly when things need to happen as fast as possible, the ability to have just one crew member operate the entire evacuation system for such a large number of passengers is a major advantage,” says Niels Fraende, sales and marketing director at the company’s headquarters in Denmark. “That’s really quite amazing when you think how many crew it typically takes to deploy more conventional safety equipment.”