Fit for a rockstar

Almost. Supermodel Jerry Hall, former wife of Mick Jagger, cruised the Kimberley last week, aboard True North.

Although yet to claim her as their most glamorous passenger, Kimberley cruise operator North Star Cruises is relishing in the international attention it will receive after welcoming supermodel, actress and former Rolling Stones wife Jerry Hall aboard True North last week.

Hall was on board for a one-week cruise with her partner, Perth millionaire Warwick Hensley, and when she returns to the UK she’ll be reporting on her travels for the London Times, which “will hopefully be a major bonus for all tourism operators in the Kimberley,” the cruise company said.

“In the past year we have attracted strong attention from both North America and Europe. The reputation of the True North is so strong,” said general manager Peter Trembath.

“For someone like me there is no better ship than the True North. It is a small luxury liner with just 18 cabins – serving delicious gourmet food and wine with a staff of 20 young, attractive and extremely efficient crew members. It is a top class operation whether you enjoy hiking through wilderness with their biologists, admiring the plants and birds or fishing for giant barramundi,” Hall said.

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