MSC Cruises has thought of a better name than Fantastica for their new ship currently under construction at the STX Europe shipyard in Saint Nazaire, France.

The new ship is now named MSC Divina in honour of the fleet’s godmother, Sophia Loren, who is a close friend of Gianluigi Aponte, the cruise line’s owner.

So the story goes, Loren was chatting to Gianluigi about her desire to have a ship named after her and “he immediately suggested ‘Divina’ in place of ‘Fantastica’, adding that a fantastic experience is fleeting, whereas a divine experience gives you memories that will last forever,” Loren said.

Divina’s new name was officiated at a traditional ceremony at STX Europe, which involved welding a traditional STX Europe coin (with the MSC logo on the back) to the ship’s keel.

At the ceremony, MSC Cruises’ CEO Pierfrancesco Vago also announced Divina would be christened in Marseille, France, in May 2012.

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