Want to have a FIFA World Cup experience without the hassle of lugging bags through the bustling Brazilian international airport; sourcing last-minute accommodation; or fighting through crowds to watch live matches from the back of a stadium?

Two cruise lines have tackled air and ground competition, by giving soccer fans a alternative options before/after/and during the quadrennial tournament.

MSC Cruises and Rainforest Cruises have scored with South American cruises that specifically revolve around the 30-day 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

MSC Cruises

The Switzerland-based cruise line will be the first to take soccer fans offside, with two MSC Grand Voyage cruises to and from the World Cup.

Their two cruises will get 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil attendees to and from Brazil via the sea.

Sailing on the MSC Divina the first cruise departs from Miami on 24 May and sails for 18-nights around the Caribbean before cruising along the Brazilian coast and arriving in Rio de Janiero on 11 June 2014 – a day before the tournament kicks off on 12 June 2014.

The second cruise takes soccer fans back to the US. It departs Rio de Janiero on 14 July 2014, a day after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ends on 13 July 2014.

MSC Divina will sail for 19-night via Sao Paulo and Salvador before arriving in Miami on 2 August 2014.

Rainforest Cruises

The river cruise line is acting as an accommodation alternative as well as tour guide during the 2014FIFA World Cup.

It is giving soccer fans the chance to cheer on their favourite of the 32 competing teams on its five-day World Cup Amazon cruises. The cruise will take guests to one of the 12 hosting 2014 World Cup Brazil games, Manaus. The ship will be moored at the port in Manaus for game days – allowing guests to either watch matches live or view them with other passengers on the riverboat’s satellite TV.

And then during non-game days, the vessel will explore the Brazilian Amazon, with sailing to sights such as Meeting of the Waters and January Lake.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil quick facts:

–       This will be the second time Brazil hosts the World Cup. The first time was in 1950.
–       South America is hosting the tournament for the first time since Argentina hosted in 1978.
–       Thirty-two countries/teams will compete in 2014.
–       Seventeen Brazilian cities applied to host games, but only 12 were selected.
–      The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil logo is called ‘Inspiration’ and was selected out of 25 submissions.