In keeping with my mantra “always arrive a day early for any cruise”, Sandra and I flew from Sydney to Adelaide to start a four day Murray River cruise aboard Captain Cook CruisesMurray Princess.

A one and a half hour flight, then a 10-minute cab ride, saw us in our Club Room at the InterContinental Hotel Adelaide.

HINT: I always try to book the Club Rooms as they offer extra facilities, a great breakfast, all day light snacks, tea and coffee as well as complimentary alcoholic drinks and savouries in the evening – they are wonderful value and InterContinental does it so well.

A short stroll around the town (I must admit I bought some Haigh’s caramels – YUM) then an early night to get ready for our 4 days on the Murray.

I had been looking forward to sailing on this authentic Mississippi River style paddle boat, or perhaps I should say replica. It was bringing back memories of my favorite TV show in the 1960’s, Maverick, without the gambling. Perhaps there would be Bingo on board? More to come.