The Queen Mary 2 will be undergoing a multimillion dollar refurbishment and Cunard has hired a leading interior designer to work on the luxury ocean liner.

The announcement follows recent news that the Queen Mary 2 will also get 15 new single cabins as well an additional 30 Britannia Club cabins and for the pooches, more pet kennels.

Cunard has hired the SMC Design team which has worked on everything from small luxury yachts to some of the largest ships ever built.

The company has also worked on other Cunard ships like the QE2, Cunard Countess and Cunard Princess.

Onboard the new Queen Mary 2, there will be new areas and venues to the ship – from staterooms to dining as well as new and exciting refreshments to existing areas.

While the decadent ship is famed for its art-deco style, the QM2 will have a new lease on life with new interior designs, bringing Cunard’s decorative and glamorous past into the 21st century.

There will be new carpets, new furniture as well as more decorative fixtures installed onboard.

Cunard Director Angus Struthers said it was essential to keep Queen Mary 2 in excellent condition and to ensure her offering was always ahead of the competition.

“The work undertaken so far has been an impressive collaboration between ourselves, SMC and Cunard guests to ensure we are taking the right approach with out flagship,” said Mr Struthers.