Cruisers will consume almost 50 alcoholic beverages during one seven-day cruise, according to a new study.

Research conducted by website, on British cruisers found a cruise passenger’s daily consumption of alcohol generally includes an entire bottle of wine, six beers, a couple of cocktails and two whiskies.

In total, that comes to around 50 beverages and 168 units of alcohol in a week.

According to an online alcohol calculator,, that figures is eight times more than the 21 units recommended for man and 12 times over the 14 units advised for women.

Those consuming alcohol said beer was their favourite, with an average of 23,000 cans of beers drunk during a one-week cruise.

Cocktails were second favourite, with the average cruiser confessing to buying at least one a day or eight in a week.

Meanwhile, according Carnival Cruise Lines, Australian cruisers prefer wine and rum based cocktails like daiquiris.

Champagne is the least requested drink in both markets, with only two glasses consumed per person during a two-week voyage.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean was found to be the booziest destination, where men and women were evenly matched when it came to the total amount drunk.