Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia is preparing for its biggest ever Cruise Week campaign – using the Cruise Passenger team.

CLIA – the body which works with cruise lines and specially trained travel agents – has partnered with Cruise Passenger’s editor-in-chief Peter Lynch and commercial director Leisa Chell to create Discover, a magazine with one of the biggest print runs in Australia at over two million copies.

The content, created by Cruise Passenger’s respected specialist journalists, is aimed at helping those new to cruising make decisions on what line to choose and which destination.

There will also be the chance to win a large number of unique cruise experiences, expected to total more than $100,000.

CLIA Australasia general manager Brett Jardine said cruise line members would be supporting the glossy 32-page cruise magazine.

With Cruise Week running from September 1-8, the magazine will be inserted into News Ltd papers around the country on Sunday August 31, reaching more than four million readers.

Mr Jardine said the new promotional campaign will ensure Cruise Week earned unprecedented exposure.

“This campaign will reach millions of Australian and New Zealand consumers,” Mr Jardine said.

Cruise Passenger editor-in-chief Peter Lynch said: “Working with CLIA has been a great experience. The figures they announced last month on the growth of cruise are amazing, so it is even more important to ensure that new cruisers have a good experience on their first voyage.

“Our magazine is aimed at doing just that.”

Ms Chell thanks those cruise lines which had supported the magazine.

Cruise Week deals will appear at throughout the week.