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Cruise garners least complaints from travellers

Cruisers may be the happiest travellers in Australia, making among the least complaints in the travel and tourism sector last year.

According to the NSW Department of Fair Trading, 1,291 complaints were made against the travel industry during the 2013/14 financial year. This made up 2.9 percent of total complaints lodged with Fair Trading.

Of those complaints, 108 were made towards cruise. This was an increase from 84 the prior year.

Nearly half of them concerned refunds, which involved consumers not being aware than infants under 12 months are not permitted to travel; wishing to cancel over a chance in circumstances; a change in itinerary; cabins not matching those that they booked; and disputed over rebated concerning cruises disrupted by weather.

Despite the increase in complaints, cruise still only made up eight percent of total travel complaints.

Additionally, when compared to the 833,000 Australians that took a cruise last year, less than one percent complained to Fair Trading.

To ensure all cruisers enjoy their next holiday, NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox has encouraged people to carefully read terms and conditions before booking.

“Taking to the high seas is an incredibly exciting holiday option for many Australians,” Mr Mason-Cox said.

“With the cruise season in full swing and many consumers now looking to book their next holiday, NSW Fair Trading is asking people to make every effort to understand what they are signing up for.

Meanwhile, hospitality was one of the most complained about sectors in travel, receiving 530 complaints between January 2013 and May 2014.

In total, travel was the seventh most complained about industry, receiving 223 fewer complaints than automotive repairs and services.

The most complained about group was electrical, electronic, whitegoods and gas appliances, while mobile and smart phones were one of the least criticised areas.