A Florida couple has earned the title of Carnival International’s most loyal customers after celebrating their 100th cruise on the same ship.
Now Cruise Passenger is seeking Australia’s most loyal cruisers and is asking readers to nominate those they know who have been on ships the most.
Bernard and Janice Caffary fell in love with the Carnival Sensation back in 2003 and say it’s the ship’s friendly staff and quality of food and entertainment they most enjoy.
To commemorate the Caffary’s amazing feat, the crew from Carnival Sensation threw a party.
Carnival has confirmed they are the most travelled couple on their cruise lines in the company’s 43-year history.
Mrs Caffary, 68 and her 77-year-old retired submarine designer for General Dynamics, told USA Today that it was something magical about the ship, which keeps them hooked.
You can usually find them hanging out and chatting with the crew – most of the time, they don’t leave the Sensation.
Mrs Caffary said the line allows the crew to interact with guests more so than other cruises.
“We really do like the crew. It’s a family atmosphere. A lot of the crew members call us mom and dad.”
The couple try and book the same cabin whenever they travel on the Sensation.
They have 24 cruises on their schedule this year and have left  from ports throughout Florida as well as Virginia, California and Hawaii.
Mr and Mrs Caffary have sailed an additional 42 times with other major cruise brands like Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.
Can you beat the Caffary’s record? Or do you know anyone that has cruised as much as the Caffary?
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