Costa Concordia removal could start at any moment

Italian authorities say they are ready to start rotating the Costa Concordia and are just awaiting the final go-ahead.

The process was tipped to start next week, but Italian rescue headquarters believe it could happen at any moment.

The Costa Cruises vessel has been laying on its side off the Italian island, Giglio since January last year when it crashed into rocks just off the Tuscan island.

The incident killed 32 of the ship’s 4,229 passengers.

A year and a half later authorities are ready to start removing the ship, but they need good weather to allow them to drain the side that still lays under water.

Italy’s civil protection agency head Franco Gabrielli said weather conditions will determine whether operations can start, and the decision will be made with only one day’s notice, The Age reported.

The removal of the ship has been postponed twice due to technical difficulties. She will be turned using a giant steel box, six underwater steel platforms and wire cables from more than 70 hydraulic ram onshore and offshore.

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