Conquering the frontier

Aurora Expeditions has become one of the first cruise companies to complete Russia’s North East Passage. The Australian expedition cruise company’s ice-strengthened passenger vessel Akademik Shokalskiy has just completed a 26-day journey from Murmansk, across Siberia’s north coast, to Anadyr with 50 passengers, 10 staff and 23 crew on board.

Reaching 80 degrees north and crossing nine time zones, the inaugural voyage was the company’s most adventurous yet. Abandoned Russian polar stations, working meteorological huts, a polar bear haven and a midnight cruise around the Novosibirskie Islands all featured on what Aurora Expeditions‘ CEO, Lisa Bolton, described as a real modern-day exploration and adventure.

“We will continue to push the boundaries, creating itinerates to stimulate the senses and open up some of the most far-flung parts of our planet,” she said.

Aurora Expeditions’  2012 ‘Across the North East Passage’ has, unfortunately, already sold out. The company can be contacted regarding the 2013 program.

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