MTN Satellite Communications and Wireless Maritime Services have launched their Connect at Sea voice application for Apple iOS or Android devices designed to make communication whilst at sea easier and more affordable.

Along with shoreside calling, the application also allows intra-ship calling over a clear connection utilising the ship’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Built specifically for the maritime industry, passengers will not have to purchase an internet package onboard to use the service, with the download available through iTunes or the Android store.

“The demands of today’s cruisers are increasing and the industry is faced with the opportunity of bringing a solution similar to a land-based calling experience to the middle of the ocean for both passengers and crew,” MTN Satellite Communications senior VP and GM of cruise and ferry services Brent Horwitz said.

“Passengers are expected to be able to make calls anywhere in the world without issue and crew require a service that allows them to stay connected with family and friends while at sea. This joint solution between MTN and WMS fulfills this important communications requirement.”

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Words: Natalie Aroyan