Change of plans

P&O Cruises drops Emerald Bay from its remaining 2011 itineraries.

Due to an ongoing tribal dispute, P&O Cruises has officially cancelled all port calls to Poum (Emerald Bay) in New Caledonia for the rest of the year.

Even though the cruise line still has the destination listed on the four remaining ‘Crystal Reflection’ itineraries for 2011, as well as 3 itineraries for 2012, P&O Cruises has replaced Emerald Bay calls with Mystery Island or Santo in Vanuatu. According to a cruise line spokesperson, no P&O Cruises ship has visited Poum since late last year.

“Over recent months P&O Cruises has replaced scheduled calls to Emerald Bay (Poum) with other Pacific Island destinations, due to an ongoing tribal dispute on the island,” a spokesperson said. “We’re hoping that we will be able to revisit Poum in the near future, as it’s a beautiful destination.”

Do you approve P&O Cruises’ decision?