Carnival Spirit will become the largest ship to sail from Australia full time.

In a global announcement held in Sydney this morning, Carnival Cruise Lines announced it would be sending a ship, Carnival Spirit, to Australia in 2012 to operate year-round cruises from Sydney.

At a press conference at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Ann Sherry, CEO Carnival Australia, which represents Carnival Cruise Lines local deployment, said, “It’s amazing growth considering there were just two ships based in Australia in 2007… This really underscores Sydney’s position on the world cruise map.”

Carrying 2,667 passengers and weighing in at 88,500 tons, Carnival Spirit will arrive in Sydney in October 2012 to sail a schedule of eight- to 12-day Pacific Island voyages and 13-day New Zealand sailings.

When asked why Carnival Cruise Lines chose Carnival Spirit to come to Australia, Ms Sherry replied that the ship was the best fit in terms of maneuverability and operating ability in Australia’s sea conditions and it’s excellent fuel efficiency.


The ship will be the largest to ever sail year-round in Australia and, standing at almost 53 metres above the waterline, will be too tall to pass under the Harbour Bridge, therefore will be based at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay.

Ms Sherry made the point that Sydney’s port infrastructure will have to be improved by 2012 for the arrival of the ship and signalled that bigger ships are the future of cruising.

Carnival Cruise Lines is the most popular choice of cruise line for North Americans, carrying an expected four million passengers during the course of this year, and in Australia Carnival Spirit will be a great choice for a vibrant Australian cruise community.

Worried about the ship being too Americanised? Don’t be. Ms Sherry Also said the ship would have an Australian accent – Australian dollars on board, local beers on the menu and entertainment for Australian tastes, not to mention shrimp will be called prawns.

“Carnival has become the most popular cruise choice among North Americans by offering an experience that is casual, friendly and fun with a wide variety of activities for guests of all ages, including a huge array of options on our expansive outdoor decks,” said Gerry Cahill, CEO and president of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Will you book to be the first of many to sail on Carnival Spirit? Why or why not?