Bomb scare on a cruise

Passengers on a voyage from Grand Bahama to Port Everglades experienced a nasty shock on Friday night when the US Coast Guard and bomb squad technicians boarded their ship, Discovery Sun.

A search was conducted after the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Broward County, Florida, received a 911 call stating that a man with a gun and bomb was on board the ship.

The vessel was stopped 28 kilometres off the coast of Florida, for law enforcement officers to board and search the ship. After nothing was discovered, Discovery Sun sailed on to Port Everglades where the Broward County Sheriff Bomb Squad and other agencies conducted a two-hour sweep of the vessel. Once again, nothing was found.

Many passengers on the ship were very distressed by the experience and expressed disappointment at not being adequately advised of the nature of the threat and search.

What would you do if a bomb scare happened on your cruise?