Dubbed the world’s ‘first smart ship’, the facilities on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas have wowed and awed cruisers all around the world – especially the bionic bartender arm.

But drinkers aboard her inaugural cruise were left thirsty and less than impressed when the two robotic mix masters took 20 minutes to mix a cocktail and couldn’t stand the glasses upright.

The trouble started in the United Kingdom, on her way to New York, according to The Telegraph UK.

Billed as a replacement for that understand barman who lends an ear as well as a drink, the robotic organised their own go-slow, leaving passengers queuing for drinks that should have taken just a minute.

In the end, the ship’s IT team literally pulled the plug and went back to the drawing board.

The bar-tagging system also failed. So while passengers with smartphones were able to track when their luggage would be delivered, the few bags that were picked to trial the system took longer than normal to reach the cabins.

The ship’s ‘super-fast’ internet system was also patchy, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t yet have an operator in the UK.

Royal Caribbean International’s vice present, Dominic Paul said that he is confident that these are initial problems. And as the ship nears New York, he expects the “boatloads of bandwidth” to kick in.

He also insisted that, like the mechanical killer in Terminator, the bionic barmen “would be back!”