Tahiti freighter cruise line, Aranui will make two calls to Bora Bora next year.

The announcement follows a stop at the island earlier this year for the line’s ten-year birthday celebrations.

Aranui 3 will sail to the island on its 14-day French Polynesia itinerary on 17 April and a special Christmas visit on 25 December.

Visits will include a picnic on a secluded beach and optional island tours, lagoon excursions, helicopter ride and a manta ray experience.

The company’s Australia and New Zealand regional representative Laurent Wong said Bora Bora will be a highlight for passengers.

Ms Wong said: “We pride ourselves on showing off some of the most beautiful parts of French Polynesia and by including Bora Bora, our passengers get the opportunity to see three very different archipelagoes (Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands).”

The freighter line gives 200 passengers the opportunity to explore as it dispenses food, fuel and other staples to remote ports in the Marquesas and Tuamotus.