April Fool’s Day: Did the cruise industry get you?

It’s that one-day a year when everyone – even the office bore – is a comedian.

And this year the cruise industry didn’t shy away from playing pranks on cruisers.

Some were as big as brand new underwater ships, and others small and cheeky like passengers spotting the Northern Lights during the day.

Here is a list of pranks that we fell for this year:

Submarine cruise ship:

Deep-water cruising seemed to becoming a reality when Cruise.co.uk announced an “exciting development”.

The online company said it was launching a submarine cruise in 2015, which would take 1,000 guests 60 meters under the sea.

The submarine excursion was said to give passengers a new view of ocean life.

The vessel features a full-length viewing deck, panoramic view restaurants and a miniature indoor waterpark.

Northern Lights come out during the day

Seeing the Northern Lights during the day is as unlikely as seeing a tiger holding hands with a deer [extremely unusual].

So when Cruise & Maritime Voyages said some of their guests had spotted the Northern Lights during the day in Amsterdam, we were in awe [and slightly jealous].

Of course, it wasn’t true because the Northern Lights usually come out at night in the Arctic Circle.

The coolest office ever

Bolsover Cruise Club was where we all wanted to work yesterday when the group released plans to turn its Cruise Club office into a ship.

The company said it had planned to sink its car park and fill it with water to become the office’s own sea. The kitchen was going to be a replica P&O stateroom so new cruisers can get an idea of what it is like to cruise.

Other travel pranks

China’s famous Great Wall of China was about to get a splash of modern upgrades when A Luxury Travel Blog tweeted that the Chinese government planned to transform a short stretch of the wall into a waterslide.

The project was going to cost the government 160 million Chinese yuan and would offer a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Meanwhile, budget airline Scoot announced it would offer in-flight hot yoga classes for guests travelling from Singapore to Hong Kong.

The line said it would increase the temperature in the ‘YogaZone’ for cruisers to enjoy the trending workout midair.

Did you get April Fooled by a cruise company? Let us know by leaving a comment below.