Allure’s countdown begins!

Sleepless nights for crew as Allure of the Seas successfully completes her sea trials.

Allure of the Seas has been given the ‘thumbs up’ after successfully completing five days of extensive sea trials.

About 500 Royal Caribbean International staff were on board for the testing, which involved checking the ship’s propulsion and manoeuvrability systems, and monitoring the bridge and engine control room with round-the-clock performance assessments.

According to Harri Kulovaara, RCI’s executive vice president of Maritime, it was a windy experience on the seas but Allure handled the almost-four-metre swells “extremely well”.

He also said the crew on board were lucky to get a full night’s sleep “uninterrupted by fire alarms, the public address system or vibration tests”, and even with 500 people on board Kulovaara thought the ship looked empty without her 6296 passengers.

What do you think of the big ship versus small ship debate? Would you sail on a 6000-plus-passenger cruise ship?