Allure of the Seas scores an F

A new database ranking ships’ energy efficiency names and shames the industry.

Sir Richard Branson recently set up a free internet database to rank the energy efficiency of almost every ocean-going vessel, in the hope that cruise passengers, exporters and importers will choose to use a cleaner ship.

Shippingefficiency.org works using publicly available data on engine size and CO2 emissions of 60,000 ships and then it ranks them from A to G, which is why Royal Caribbean International’s Allure, with an F, could improve.

“By eco-labelling clean and dirty ships, we hope to change the mindset of shipping and begin making gigaton-scale reductions in emissions,” said Peter Boyd, director of Carbon War Room, a business NGO co-founded by Branson.

Other cruise ships that didn’t fare so well are Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, which scored an E, and Residensea’s The World, also an F.

The database is expected to be used by supermarkets, oil and mining companies, food importers, retailers, manufacturers and ports, who will insist goods are shipped by a ‘clean’ vessel.

“Holiday makers choosing a leisure cruise can go on the site to check out just how green their chosen liner is,” Boyd said.

Shipping currently contributes one billion tonnes of CO2 a year, or three to four per cent of the world’s total. Shippingefficiency.org is hoping to reduce this by 25 per cent.

Check out the link. Would this help you choose a cruise?