Polar guide Andrew Prossin presents Antarctica information sessions.

Ocean Expeditions CEO Andrew Prossin has led more than 150 voyages to Antarctica over the past 20 years and is as passionate about the region as he is knowledgeable.

Starting today, Andrew will be presenting a series of entertaining information sessions on travel to Antarctica in Perth, Canberra and Sydney. Hosted by Active Travel, the sessions will be accompanied by a slide show depicting the best the wild ‘White Continent’ has to offer.

The sessions will run for an hour – with time for questions.

Session times are as follows:

Monday June 27 – West Perth (RAC Travel): 5:30pm

Tuesday June 28 – Joondalup (RAC Travel): 5.30pm

Wednesday June 29 – Canberra (Civic): 6pm

Tuesday July 5 – Canberra (Civic): 6pm

Wednesday July 6 – Sydney CBD: 6pm

The sessions are free to attend so please RSVP Active Travel before the night so the company can ensure there will be sufficient seating, wine, cheese and biscuits on the night.

To register contact Active Travel on 02 6249 6122 (Canberra Office) or 02 9264 1231 (Sydney Office).

Do you dream of visiting Antarctica?