On Saturday, 15 December 2012 luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent joined forces with OREO to deliver 5,000 of its eponymous OREO cookies to Antarctica to celebrate the famous Cookie’s 100th birthday.

Travelling from Ushuaia, Argentina on board expeditionary cruise ship MV Le Boreal, the special delivery was made under the watchful eye of Dr James McClintock, endowed professor of polar and marine biology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, who has conducted research in Antarctica for 30 years and was on hand to serve as an honorary Antarctic OREO explorer, taking the delivery from OREO Man on behalf of the “residents” of the continent.

In recognition of conquering its seventh continent, OREO has donated the first solar-powered Penguin Cam to researchers at Palmer Station with the help of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy. Professor James McClintock, author of Lost Antarctica, accepted the delivery from OREO Man on behalf of all the scientists working in Antarctica.

“Having the chance to enjoy an OREO cookie and glass of milk is like having a little piece of home here in the station,” said McClintock. “We can’t thank OREO enough for being able to join the rest of the world in such a special celebration.”

The Penguin Cam will be installed on Torgerson Island by mid-January 2013 and will broadcast images of Adelie penguins, an indicator species affected by the changing climate in Antarctica. The penguins are vanishing as it warms, due to snow burying their eggs and the loss of annual sea ice.

The Penguin Cam will be an important educational outreach tool, providing students and the public with an opportunity to follow the penguins throughout their life cycle and observe their characteristic behaviour. The Long Term Ecological Research programme intends to make the webcam feed available via the internet to students and teachers and post regular updates about what stage of the penguin lifecycle the camera is showing at any given time.

In addition to providing views of breeding penguins, the webcam will also build a record of visual weather conditions and climate indicators such as snow cover. These observations can be used in conjunction with traditional weather providers like WeatherUnderground.com for classroom exercises aimed at understanding seasonal weather in Antarctica in a time of climate change.

Abercrombie & Kent operates journeys to Antarctica on board luxury expedition ship MV Le Boreal. The season operates December-January and expedition prices start from US$12,395 per person for the 12- day ‘Classic Antarctica’ itinerary, 11 – 22 December 2013.

Special offer: Reservations made by 28 February 2013 for cabin categories 1 – 3 receive savings of up to US$3,000 per person.