New and exciting ports are opening up all over the world and the range of destinations for cruise ships has increased.

From Europe to Asia to South America, there’s now a destination to suit everybody. So pack your bags, organise your tickets, organise some cheap travel insurance and grab your passport— it’s time to cruise!

Would You Like a Singapore Sling?

Singapore has always been a large port of call for many travellers heading through the Asian region. This constantly growing city now has a second port allowing for even more traffic. It’s hoped that the second port will increase visitors to Singapore by 1.5 million in the next three to five years. Singapore is a great central point to explore Southeast Asia— with amazing food, friendly locals and great shopping— it’s a popular tourist destination with people from all over the world. The new port has extended Singapore’s ability to connect with Europe, and it’s now hoped there will be an increase in cruises connecting the two continents.

Go Bananas!

Truijillo, a Spanish colonial town in Honduras, is Central America’s first mainland cruise destination. It’s a natural deep-water harbour and it was here that Christopher Columbus first landed in 1502 on his final voyage to this area. From Truijillo, you can access the Banana Coast, and explore areas such as Capiro-Calentura mountain reserve, the Santa Barbara Fort, and the Campo del Mar monkey sanctuary. The Banana Coast offers amazing beaches, rain forests and waterfalls, and the Guaimoreto Lagoon Wildlife Reserve, where you can see rare spoonbills and hummingbirds.

Visit Mayan Ruins

For people wanting to discover the ancient Mayan ruins, the newly developing Puerto Costa Maya, located on Mexico’s southern Yucatan Peninsula, is a great starting point. From here, you can explore the ruins or simply relax on the beach, and eat local cuisine from one of the many restaurants. You can also buy some handmade souvenirs made by locals.

Cruise Into Central London

To coincide with the Olympic Games, a cruise terminal has been built closer to central London, allowing for easier access to England’s capital city. The port is part of a refurbishment of Enderby Wharf and, according to Traveland Leisure (.com), will also include a 251-room hotel and a public square on the Thames.

Let’s Go to Rio!

Plenty of work is underway in Rio de Janeiro as the city prepares for the World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. As part of this, the existing Pier Mauá is receiving an overhaul, allowing visitors to come and explore the city and the surrounding area. Over R$3 billion will be invested in the port, increasing its capacity by 80 per cent, reported. This already bustling city will be even more accessible to visitors, and is a great port of call for anyone wanting to explore Brazil.

Words: Dee Paulson