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A new plan to build a cable car to transport people from White Bay to Barangaroo is being backed by businesses like Carnival Australia and The Star casino owner, Echo Entertainment.

The route would include five stops and it will mean cruise passengers arriving at White Bay can be in the city in less than five minutes.

The 3.4km cable system will be built from Rozelle Bay and stops at the White Bay Power Station, White Bay Cruise Terminal, Pyrmont and Barangaroo.

Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry had said there was a greater need for better transport options to service the cruise terminal as buses were often caught in traffic on the Anzac Bridge.

“We agree that transport options including potentially innovative ones need to be considered,” a spokesman said yesterday.

Harbour Skylink deputy chairwoman Melissa Cuturich told The Daily Telegraph that the cabins will be capable of transporting commuters with bicycles and luggage and would be privately funded, but would need access to some government-controlled property.

It is believed that Echo Entertainment has been involved in discussions to use the Pyrmont station on the top of The Star Casino.

The cable car system could be built within 18 months.


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