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New 2018 Guide

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Talk about wow-factor: Streets of Monaco will change your definition of a “floating city”.

A UK-based company has released images of its new super yacht concept, which, if successful, could change the face of luxury cruising – of the private type, that is!

Estimated to cost approximately $1.1 billion to build, the 155-metre-long super yacht has been dubbed Streets of Monaco because it is modeled on a section of Monte Carlo, complete with recreations of the city’s casino, racetrack, swimming pools, a sports court that doubles as a helipad, plus a cinema and a Hotel de Paris.

Streets of Monaco could be home to 16 guests who would swim on a beach instead of a pool deck and be accommodated in apartments rather than cabins; there would also be waterfalls and a submarine on board (launched from a submerged hull).

Other current projects Yacht Island Design has in the design phase is Tropical Island Paradise, Oriental Chuan and Eastern Promise.


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