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Passengers on a German cruise ship bore witness to increasing violence between Israelis and Palestinians this week when rockets were fired during a recent visit.

Aida Cruises’ Aida Diva was leaving Port of Ashdod at 8.20pm on 7 July, when missiles were launched.

There was no damage to the ship or its passengers and crew.

However, missile debris was found on the ship’s passenger deck.

“We are very sorry that the guests of Aida Diva witnessed this incident,” vice president of communication and sustainability Hansjörg Kunze said.

As a result of the incident, the line will cancel visits to Israeli ports over the next two months.

“We have acted quickly and promptly decided to cancel calls to Israeli ports,” Mr Kunze added.

“The welfare and safety of our guests is an absolute priority.”

Aida Diva and its guests are currently en route to Crete. The ship is expected to arrive later today.


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