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Cruise ships could be banned from sailing to Venice, if the government passes a proposal to reduce water traffic in the city.

The crackdown follows the death of a 50-year-old German tourist after he was crushed by a reversing waterbus last month.

Forwarded by environment minister Orlando Andrea, the proposal aims to prevent ships of more than 500-tonnes coming within two nautical miles of landscapes of value such as the Venice lagoon or fragile environments like the marine sanctuary between Sardinia and north-east Italy, Daily Mail reported.

A ‘floating congestion zone’ would also be introduced, to reduce the number of ships sailing during rush hour waterway traffic.

Minister Orlando said currently the margin of risk is “too high”.

“The problem is not just the presence of large ships in St Marks basin but in general the presence of ships in the lagoon,” he explained.

“The number of cruise ships passing in front of St Marks’s Cathedral has grown by seven per cent this year alone.”

Meanwhile, Venice’s mayor says he wants to see cruise tourists dock at the industrial town, Porto Marghera.

Alternative suggestions would severely limit the number of cruise ships entering the lagoon.

Earlier this year, the European Commission advised Italian authorities to provide information on a near collision between the Carnival Sunshine and the Riva dei Setter Martiri.

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