Italian authorities uncover bone fragments on Concordia

Italian authorities are analysing bone fragments found in the Costa Concordia wreckage to determine whether they belong to 33-year-old Russel Rebello – the only victim whose body is yet to be recovered.

Italy’s Civil Protection Agency revealed a skull and parts of an arm were found on a recent search of the ship.

The agency said it is not clear whether fragments found belong to the 33-year-old waiter or Maria Grazia Trecarichi – one of the 32 passengers that died when Concordia hit rocks off the coast of Giglio in 2012.

Ms Trecarichi’s partial remains were recovered a few months ago, the Telegraph reported.

Officials said it will take a number of days to analyse the fragments and confirmed both victims’ families have been notified.

Late last month, the 115,000-tonne wreckage was transferred 300-kilometres from Giglio to a scrapyard in northern Italy’s Genoa.

The trip took four days to complete as the ship travelled two knots per hour with a convoy of 10 ships.

Since, officials have been searching previously inaccessible areas for Mr Rebello’s remains.

Once the examination process is complete, the wreckage will undergo a two-year scrapping process.

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