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Silversea announces 19 new overland tours for 2012.

In 2012, Silversea will be expanding its land excursion program to offer more than 50 different extended tours. Specially tailored to suit travellers seeking a more immersive experience in a region’s culture, history, wildlife and natural attractions, the new tours span the globe.

“These extended off-ship programs are life-enriching opportunities that allow guests to spend more time discovering the culture, heritage and uniqueness of the places they visit,” said Karen Christensen, Silversea’s director of sales and marketing and general manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Highlights of Silversea’s 2012 Overland Tours include a five-day exploration of the Amazon; a three-day safari adventure in South Africa; a day tour through Glaciers National Park, Patagonia; a five-day visit that visits Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre and Tibet’s Himalayan capital of Lhasa; two-days of ancient and modern Egypt; and three days exploring the German cities of Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig.

When cruising, does the thought of an extended land tour appeal to you?


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