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New 2018 Guide

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Queen Victoria features in a new thriller novel.

Cunard’s liners are renowned for their intriguing atmosphere so what better place to set the scene for a thriller novel than aboard one of these majestic vessels?

At least, that’s exactly what award winning journalist-turned-author Kitty Pilgrim decided when she wrote The Explorer’s Code, a romantic thriller set on board Queen Victoria and various international destinations.

The fast-paced novel follows prominent oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton, who discovers she is heir to a land deed, the property of her great-great-grandfather – a famous Victorian polar explorer. But the highly valuable deed is missing and is being sought by underworld criminals.

Teaming up with John Sinclair, a charming archaeologist and wealthy philanthropist, Cordelia’s search for the deed takes her to some of the world’s most exotic locales – Monaco, Paris, Ephesus, Svalbard, Norway… and on board Cunard’s Queen Victoria.

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Readers' Choice Awards

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No doubt 2020 will go down in cruise history as the year of the pandemic – a once in a generation event. And this year’s Cruise Passenger Readers’ Choice Awards will reflect it.