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Despite massive floods on the Yangtze, which involved more than 600,000 people being evacuated from Dazhou and Guang’an, a river cruise on Helen Wong’s Victoria Katarina delivered guests on schedule to the river city of Chongqing this week.

According to a Xinhua news agency, the flood (which was a result of torrential rain feeding the tributaries of the Yangtze) has left 27 people dead, while dozens are missing.

Victoria Katarina navigated through powerful currents, whirlpools and eddies as debris smashed against her during the flood. The ship also made its way up Jialing River, a Yangtze tributary, past the very point where a day before a floating restaurant capsized when it collided with a ship that, under the extreme pressure of the current, had broken free of its cables.

Floods on the Yangtze are not unusual, but according to China’s English-language newspaper the China Daily, this one is the worst since 1847.

How do you think you would have coped aboard Victoria Katarina?


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