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At 5.30am on October 29, 2011, a passenger on P&O UK’s Ventura (who was wearing nothing but his underpants) went overboard, and was rescued by the ship’s crew.

The ship, which was sailing the Atlantic from Southampton en route to the Caribbean, looped back to the approximate location of his fall, launched three lifeboats and focused searchlights on the water.

Julie Lourens, a passenger on the ship, told the London Evening Standard that the man was pulled aboard after being spotted by a passenger.

“We got woken up at about 5.30am with the horns blowing and the Tannoy calling ‘man overboard, man overboard’,” she said. “Life rings were thrown out and three lifeboats went to the area, but it was passengers that spotted him.”

While P&O UK has confirmed a man went overboard, they would not say what caused the fall or whether the man was a passenger or crew member.

“It has all been very dramatic,” concluded Lourens. “It was pitch black. This guy is so, so lucky.”


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