The French luxury cruise line, Ponant, offers authentic and at par cruising experience worthy of a 5-star status. 

With a clear focus on immersive cruising, and personalised service, this line has cemented itself as one of the world’s leaders in terms of exploring some of the world’s most captivating and enticing destinations. 

Additionally, the lines’s fleet of intimate vessels are designed to penetrate some of the world’s most remote destinations.

Ponant line offers expedition cruises to The Kimberley.
Ponant offers expedition cruises to The Kimberley. Image from Ponant.

Giving more value to quality service, Compagnie du Ponant sees to it that guests get to experience an onboard vibe of both casula and refined elegance.

Hence, Aussie travellers and cruisers are fortunate to be given access to the line’s wide range of offerings like itineraries that explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures of Australia, South Pacific and even beyond.

The Ponant fleet

The line’s modern fleet is composed of small-sized vessels designed for expedition cruises. These intimate ships are meant to navigate the world’s most remote destinations. Furthermore, the fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and the vessels are among the most energy-efficient in the entire cruising industry. 

The current Ponant fleet includes:

The Sisterships

Tagged as the epitome of modern luxury, these famed sisterships namely: Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal, and Le Lyrial are some of the youngest fleets at sea. Additionally, these vessels have 122 to 132 staterooms and suites that highlight the line’s signature sleek design with furnishings made of high quality materials.  

The Ponant Explorers

The line’s explorer series is composed of small-sized vessels that feature a multi-sensory lounge called the Blue Eye. These 92-stateroom yachts were named after the French explorers who went on a mission to search previously unknown territories. These explorer ships are Le Lapérouse, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville, and Le Dumont-d’Urville, Le Jacques-Cartier, Le Bellot. 

The Icebreaker

The line’s most advanced addition to its fleet is the Le Commandant Charcot. This first hybrid-electric luxury vessel is powered by Liquefied Natural Gas and is designed for polar expeditions. Moreover, The Le Commandant Charcot is capable of sailing in ice-covered waters.

The iconic yacht

The line’s famed Le Ponant is a three-masted traditional French sailing yacht. Additionally, this iconic 16-cabin vessel redefines the concept of luxury cruising to a brand new level. Furthermore, having a complete revamp in 2019, this vessel offers nothing but a one-of-a-kind cruise experience. 

Where do Ponant ships sail?

Ponant offers a wide array of itineraries across the globe. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of the South Pacific and Asia to the majestic wilderness of Antarctica and the Arctic, the line offers nothing but an unparalleled journey of discovery

The line’s featured destinations are the following:

  • Africa and the Indian Ocean
  • Alaska
  • Central America
  • North America and Canada
  • South America
  • The Antarctic
  • The Arctic
  • Asia
  • The Caribbean
  • Northern Europe and Scandinavia
  • Mediterranean
  • The Red Sea
  • Oceania and the Pacific Islands
  • The Atlantic Coast
  • Transatlantic

Ponant Cruise Line Dining

Dining onboard Ponant is an absolute epicurean delight that focuses on creativity, quality, and sustainability. This goes to show that the line is always in keeping with the French ‘art of living’ wherever in the world. Additionally, the line’s commitment to sustainability extends to its culinary offerings where it locally outsources seasonal ingredients. Moreover, the chefs also make sure that they get to work closely with local producers to incorporate nothing but the freshest and most authentic flavours in their dishes. 

Guests are treated to a sumptuous meal aboard Ponant luxury ship.
Guests are treated to a sumptuous meal aboard Ponant luxury ship. Image from Ponant

Is Ponant Line all-inclusive?

The line offers a luxury cruise experience where most amenities, services, and activities are fare-included. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free journey for all cruise passengers. 

Included in the Ponant fare are the following:

  • accommodation in an elegantly appointed stateroom
  • the full meal plan
  • the Open Bar
  • Wi-Fi internet access 
  • activities offered during expedition cruises
  • access to all the common areas

What entertainment and activities can be found onboard Ponant Line?

While mainly focusing on immersive exploration and cultural enrichment, Ponant also features a range of well-thought-out entertainment and activities for travellers onboard. Some of these include:

  • Expert-led lectures and presentations designed to deepen the guests’ understanding of visited destinations
  • Culinary demonstrations and tastings
  • Language and arts classes which allow guests to explore new skills or hone existing ones while at sea
  • Live music performances and cultural shows
  • Screening rooms for watching documentaries, films, and travelogues complement the voyage
  • Well-equipped fitness centres
  • Spa facilities

Does Ponant have gratuities?

It is customary among cruise lines to give tips to members of the crew for their exceptional service. For Ponant, gratuities are left at the discretion of the guests. The line leaves an anonymous envelope in the guests’ at the end of the cruise. Tips or gratuities are then divided by the members of the crew. 

Are there dress codes aboard Ponant?

When it comes to dress code, Ponant’s guests are advised to wear casual and elegant clothing at their utmost convenience. But a more formal attire is recommended during Captain’s Dinner. 

Additionally, cruise passengers are also advised to bring practical clothes and comfortable shoes which are suitable for travelling in Zodiacs and going on beaches or muddy areas.  On the other hand, guests are recommended to bring sunglasses, hats, long-sleeved clothing, and pants for tropical expeditions. 

Meanwhile, for Arctic and Antarctic cruises, guests are advised to bring clothes suitable for polar expeditions. 

Who sails on a Ponant cruise?

Ponant is more popular among travellers who appreciate the line’s focus on luxury, immersive experiences. Additionally, the line caters to affluent cruise enthusiasts seeking a highly luxurious and intimate cruise experience.  The line’s amenities, small ship sizes, and accommodations appeal to those who have the means to afford premium travel experiences.

With Ponant’s fleet of expedition ships and bucket-listed itineraries that explore the most remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations, the line attracts a good number of adventure seekers who are eager to explore lesser-known corners of the world in comfort and style.

Furthermore, as a French cruise line, it is particularly appealing to Francophiles and French-speaking travellers.