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Costa Concordia to be towed from Giglio.

Residents on the island of Giglio have been advised Costa Concordia could be towed away from the island by June next year.

Engineer overseeing the operation, Franco Porcellacchia told locals this week that fifteen flotation tanks will fixed to the ship’s starboard in April and a further four will be attached to the port side. Once repairs are made to the damaged starboard, the ship will be floated and then towed to an undisclosed port.

According to Mr Porcellacchia, the operation is “weather-sensitive” and requires calm seas. However, the engineer says he’s confident the ship will be ready to be re-floated by June.

“I am extremely confident,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mr Porcellacchia also revealed since the ship was rotated in September this year, crew had removed safes from dry cabins on board the wreck. Contents will be inventoried and returned to their owners.

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