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The winner of Cruise Passenger magazine’s 2011 phototograph competition received his prize at Paxton’s Sydney city store this week. Fred Condon, a retired motor mechanic from Sydney, won a state-of-the-art Canon G12 digital stills and video camera.  Fred’s love of cruising began on decimal currency day in 1966 on P&O Cruises’ Arcadia on a cruise to Fiji and New Zealand.  Since then Fred and his wife have been on several cruises to the South Pacific, Alaska and throughout various parts of Asia.

Fred said, “Cruising allows me to combine my love of photography and travel, two of my favourite hobbies. We love being able to explore different places during the day and going back to your floating hotel at night feels like coming home.

“I heard a great motto on board one of our cruises which was, ‘Cover the Earth before the Earth covers you’, which I think is great idea to live by.”

Words & Photos: John Pond

Left to right:

Paxton’s Tony Payne, Cruise Passenger’s John Pond, winner Fred Condon and John Paxton.

Below: Fred Condon’s winning photo of the Canadian Rockies.


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