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Pandaw is campaigning to cruise passengers to donate to cyclone fund.

Pandaw River Cruises is reaching out to cruise passengers to donate money to local Burmese non-government organisation Link Emergency Aid & Development (LEAD) in aid of victims of severe cyclone damage in Burma.

In the last week Pandaw River Cruises has raised a huge $5,000 – enough to feed 50,000 people for seven days – but they still need more, which is where your help is needed.

To make a much-needed donation, click here.

In late October a category four cyclone, Cyclone Giri, struck the region of Arakan in Burma destroying 70 villages, 15,000 houses, 318 schools and 17,500 acres of farmland. Although details are sketchy, it has been reported that 45 people were killed and more than 200,000 people are affected by the damage.

Due to the government election on November 7, tight controls have been placed on all media, bringing internet connections to a halt, meaning there has been little coverage of the cyclone in international media and little support from international aid agencies.


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