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Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a Facebook campaign to find a clever name for its legions of fans.
Lady Gaga has her band of Little Monsters, Taylor Swift has her loyal Swifties and of course, Justin Bieber has a fan base of Beliebers.
Dubbed The Carnival Name Game, the line has reached out to its three million followers for suggestions.
“We want something to call all of our awesome fans and who better to pick the nickname than well, all of our awesome fans? Whether it’s Cruisies, The Fun Ones, Cruise-saders – suggest a nickname for us,” Carnival posted on its Facebook page.
And names have been pouring in – so far, over 2,000 people have come up with suggestions.
How about Lido Lovers, Frequent Floaters, Cruisetaceans, Carneys or Funatics?
Of course, one person suggested Drunks and another Broke.
Some asked Carnival to continue to use VIFP – which means Very Important Fun Person.
Carnival will announce the ‘Funnel Four’ (or the four finalists) on February 16th. Fans will then get the chance to pick their favourite of the final four.
The winner will be announced on February 23rd.
You can vote here – or send US your suggestions.
Our money is on Aquaholics!


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