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A mid-ocean emergency rescue for passengers aboard Polar Star in Antarctica.

Early this morning Antarctic expedition cruise ship Polar Star hit rocks mid-Antarctic, leaving passengers stranded “in the middle of nowhere.”

Regular Cruise Passenger contributor and Polar Star expedition leader Kris Madden contacted Cruise Passenger early this morning via email to say Polar Star hit rocks and now has a crack in her outer hull.

Although details at the moment are sketchy, the incident was severe enough that “we had an emergency procedure” and all passengers are now sitting in a “disabled ship in the middle of nowhere.”

“No imminent danger but it was pretty scary there for a few hours and looked like we would have to abandon ship … In all likelihood we will be transferred to a rescue ship in the area tonight,” Kris said.

At this time there are no media statements about the incident and Polar Star Expeditions have not responded to our requests for information at this time.

We will keep you closely informed of any developments.


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