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New 2018 Guide

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Retirees are choosing to spend their time at sea, according to a new study.

Figures released by Phil Hoffman Travel found 85 percent of older Australians are requesting cruise packages exceeding 12-days, up from their usual five to 10-day sailings.

Some are even stretching their cruises from one month to 100 days.

Phil Hoffman Travel chief executive Peter Williams said the simplicity and convenience of cruising is keeping retirees at sea, as is the extra time they gain from retiring.

“It’s all about the value,” Mr Williams explained.

“The biggest advantage of all-inclusive cruising is that everything – including flights, transfers, food and entertainment – is taken care of.”

Meanwhile, retired cruisers are also choosing countries with flat economies to receive better travel rates.

Among the most popular destinations include; the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Canada and Alaska.


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