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New 2018 Guide

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P&O Cruises Australia

P&O comedy cruises

A funny thing happened on the way to the cruise ship…

The very nature of cruising means it has long been thought of as a long, slow vacation at sea. But P&O’s modern approach to the cruise lends itself more to flexible short breaks; relaxing local return trips that fit neatly into a weekend or a sneaky midweek getaway. To make the most of that time on the ocean, P&O has tailored cruises around food and wine, sporting events and even comedy.
Conflict Islands

Destination: Papua New Guinea

In 2016 P&O made headlines when it became the first cruise line in the world to offer calls to the Conflict Islands, bringing the pristine white sand beaches, World War II history, lush flora and exotic animals of Papua New Guinea – which were previously only accessible by helicopter or a treacherous local boat ride – within reach of Australian holidaymakers.