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Austalia and Taiwan continued their warnings over the Singapore Zika virus outbreak today, after a pregnant woman tested positive for the ailment.

The number of reported cases climbed to more than 100 since the first locally transmitted infection was identified in Singapore earlier this week.

The pregnant woman’s doctor is closely monitoring the health of the woman and her baby, a Singapore statement said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra said on its website: “ All travellers should protect themselves from mosquito bites.”

Taiwan Centre for Disease Control raised the travel notice level for Singapore to Level 2, which calls for a high degree of caution and strong protective measures. The highest alert level is 3.

“Pregnant women and women planning pregnancy are advised to postpone their trips to areas where Zika virus is active”, the Centre states on its website.

Other countries around the region have stepped up warnings, incuding neighbouring Malaysia, which has instituted increased screening at the border.

Singapore, home to the region’s biggest cruise hub, is reporting the Zika cases did not come from travellers, but infections took place within Singapore.

The ministry is now conducting joint operations with the National Environment Agency to combat mosquito breeding in hotspots throughout the island.


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