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New 2018 Guide

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Orion expeditions re-traces Antarctic adventurers’ journeys

To mark the 100-year anniversary of polar exploration, Orion Expedition Cruises is offering three expedition cruises that will journey to Antarctica, following the routes of the region’s famed explorers: Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson

All three cruises will visit the World Heritage-listed and seismically active Macquarie Island; Cape Denison, the site of Mawson’s hut; the 100 grounded icebergs at Port Martin; and a number of Sub-Antarctic islands with abundant fauna and flora.

Following the route of Douglas Mawson, the first 18-night roundtrip voyage leaves Hobart on December 1. On January 3, another 18-night roundtrip from Hobart will follow a similar route, while on January 21 a 20-night roundtrip voyage from Bluff (Invercargill) will follow the journeys of Scott and Shackleton.

Guests on the December departure are invited to a centenary dinner on the evening of December 2 to celebrate the departure of Mawson’s expedition 100 years before.

Do you think Scott, Shackleton and Mawson were courageous or crazy?


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