10 strangest items smuggled onto cruise ships

Shoes, a swimming costume, a toothbrush and a Harry Styles cutout…

There’s the usual list of items you need to pack for a cruise and then there’s the slightly bizarre.

A study conducted by Bonvoyage.co.uk found fellow cruisers are sneaking a range of unique items on cruise ships from pop star cut outs to suitcases full of noodles.

Here’s the list of the ten most interesting items passengers admitted to embarking with:

A suitcase of noodles

One man admitted that he once took a suitcase full of his favourite snack on a Caribbean cruise.

Just to clarify, we’re not just talking one packet of noodles, but an entire suitcase full of noodles.

He said he took the them onboard as precaution as he wasn’t sure he would enjoy food aboard the ship.

A Harry Styles cardboard cut-out
harrysstandee copy
Teenage girls love their One Direction, so much so that one managed to sneak a cut-out of the pop star onto a cruise ship.

For some children there’s nothing worse than going on a family holiday, so one young girl decided to bring a life size cut-out of her favourite pop star to make the trip a little easier.

One family revealed that their youngest daughter managed to sneak a foldaway cut-out of Harry Styles in her suitcase, without their knowledge.

The girl told her parents that she would have missed the singer too much if she had to leave him at home during the cruise.

A Piers Morgan poster
One women made her cabin ‘homely’ with a poster of Piers Morgan.

Who says you’re ever too old for a celebrity crush?

A 70-year-old lady told Bonvoyage.co.uk that she took her Piers Morgan poster with her on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

She said she wanted her cabin to feel more ‘homely’, and a poster of Piers Morgan was perfect company.

An inflatable doll

As the ultimate prank, a passenger taking part in a pre-wedding cruise from Spain to Italy revealed how he swapped the grooms suitcase for one packed with five different inflatable dolls.

He didn’t disclose whether the groom found the prank hilarious, but we can image the bride wouldn’t have been too impressed.

A tent
A tent to enjoy the stars and avoid the wife’s nagging. Image: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Backup accommodation?

One man admitted to booking a tent on a cruise with his wife to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

He said he was hoping to use the one-man tent to sleep on the top deck of the cruise ship, or to escape his wife’s nagging.

A Batman costume
Need to make sure that Batman costume is safe. Image: Shutterstock

There are a few things you just can’t leave behind, and for one man it was a full, collectors edition Batman outfit.

He told his family he wanted to make sure it was safe while he was out of the house. He also admitted to trying it on a couple of times for some interested passengers.

Zorb Ball
A Zorb Ball – to walk on water? Image: Wikipedia

Wouldn’t it be cool to walk on water on a cruise ship? We image that was the thought process of this particular passenger who decided to take an inflatable Zorb Ball aboard their cruise ship.

Grow your own boyfriend
When all else fails, grow your own boyfriend!

For some, cruise ships are the place to meet a summer fling and for others they’re the place to grow them…

One single women said she grew her own boyfriend aboard a cruise ship during a holiday celebrating her 30th birthday.

She said her friends purchased the novelty gift for her.

For those who aren’t aware, Grow Your Own Boyfriend is a miniature man made of material that expands when you place him in water.

Framed picture of a car
He missed his car more than he does his grown children. Image: Shutterstock

If you thought you loved your car, then think again.

One man admitted to taking a framed picture of his car on every holiday he goes on and even confessed to missing his four-door beauty more than his grown-up children.

‘How to Swear Around the World’ book
You never know when it might come in handy.

Preparing for potential arguments or hoping to be the cause of many?

One passenger said he took a ‘How to Swear Around the World’ book aboard a cruise in the Norwegian Fjords. It also happened to be the same cruise he met his current girlfriend.

Have you smuggled something strange on a ship? Let us know by leaving a comment below.