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New 2018 Guide

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Tropical Beach
P&O says it has received over 20,000 suggestions from Australians and New Zealanders one week after sending a shout-out to help name its two latest ships.

The two vessels will transfer from the Holland America Line to P&O in November next year after undergoing major refurbishment.

P&O says the most common name suggestions so far have been Opal and Diamond, each nominated over 500 times.

Dream, Starlight, Moonlight and Twilight are other popular suggestions.

Crickey, Croc, Pizzazz and Charisma were some of the more quirky suggestions.

There were also a number of names relating to Greek and Roman gods, such as Pacific Aphrodite, Poseidon, Pacific Apollo and Pacific Neptune.

With only four days left, we thought we’d compile a list of Cruise Passenger’s ten favourite suggestions, based on those posted on the P&O Cruises Australia Facebook page.

–       Pacific Gypsy
–       Southern Dream
–       Pure Quest
–       Goddess of the Sea
–       The Love Boat
–       Mystic Moonstone
–       Ying and Yang
–       P&O Tasman
–       Nautical Rose
–       Pacific Aruma – an aboriginal word for happy

The competition closes on 4 July at 4pm. For more information visit P&O Cruises Australia’s Facebook page.

Cruise Passenger’s top ten is in no way associated with P&O Cruises, nor will it have an impact on the line’s final decision.


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